Articles at Beach Locations

These are all articles of beach locations used in family photos and maternity photos. These include Los Angeles County beaches and Orange County Beaches.

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Beach Family Photos and Maternity Photos

Above are all great examples of how we capture beach family photos and beach maternity photos. The beaches here in Southern California (Los Angeles beaches and Orange County beaches) are some of the best in the country, ranging from wide expanses of sand along the berm (the part that stays dry) to rocky cliffs that create amazing backdrops for family photos. Beaches also can feature piers that let people walk out above the water. We love to use the piers for shade and for the columns underneath, which provide converging lines and a disappearing point for family photography composition. Some of the beach piers we frequent include the Santa Monica Pier, the Manhattan Beach Pier, the Redondo Beach Pier, and the Huntington Beach Pier.

Also, beaches provide one of the best locations for sunsets. Family photos with sunsets happen to be our specialty, since we are experts in remote lighting. Beaches have an unobstructed horizon, with only the surface of the water underneath the setting sun. We use remote lighting to light our families in the foregounrd of the family photos, showing the sunset in real color tones without that "punched" look of HDR.